Monday, September 13, 2010


I meet many different people who own diverse businesses that either sell a service or product it is not until you sit down with these individuals that the creative juices start flowing. Meeting with a mechanic I developed a strategic event marketing plan that would be fun, exciting and succeed in building awareness and bringing attention to his shop. So what did I do? Well, I will give you a VIP glimpse of the project. What do so many people want to know before they invest or spend money?
They want the behind the scene information, why it takes you two hours to fix an exhaust, how you can charge so little for the same service that costs twice as much down the street etc. The main solution that small businesses can learn from major companies is to INVITE YOUR AUDIENCE INTO YOUR BUSINESS! Bring them in to see exactly how EVERYTHING works, no secretes just honest work that people appreciate. Inviting a mechanics audience into his shop allowed people to ask questions, see how things are fixed in a certain amount of time and why sometimes things to do not go exactly to plan and most importantly get to meet the individual who is responsible for making sure your vehicle is safe and ready to go. This event was not meant to increase profits, although it may result in that. The main goal was to build a strong, trusting client base so that they continue using the same mechanic, bring their friends and family to their trusted mechanic and continue referring new business to this trusted business.

Homework: Think of a business that you would like to see under the hood. Submit your answers!

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