Friday, September 3, 2010


So why events and not personal 1-1 meetings with existing clients?

Including an event in your marketing plan does just that, puts the human factor back in business. Although continuing to have the 1-1 meetings and the quick phone calls to interact with clients there is not enough time in the week to meet with every client and give them the education about your business and brand along with learning who they are as a person. This is why events are a huge aspect to marketing and can be designed specifically to enhance your business: Trade shows, conferences and seminars, road shows, sponsorship, launches, appreciation events and team building are just some of the many ways to increase business. If you have ever been car shopping you know the difference between buying a car from a pressuring typical sales man verse a down to earth person that give you the facts while still being personable. Many people are turned away from buying because of the pressure and nonexistent human factor, but when you do meet someone that actually sees you then you are ready to test drive. The same goes for events, by seeing your target audience you are able to customize your message to the individual instead of the broad demographic.
For example, when you read horoscopes it is written for millions of people to read, why would my future be the same as every other Taurus? It won’t be and the same goes for how clients will use your services, no one client is the same!

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