Tuesday, August 31, 2010


1) HOPE! Creating fundraising events that achieve the goals of raising critical funds will make your glass full every day along with everyone else's optimistic glasses that are effected every day!

2)DRIVE! Releasing your inner drive allows you to achieve dreams that were only in your head. Bringing your vision into a reality through events builds the community that supports your growth, business and passion!

3. BUSINESS SMARTS! Events guarantee the interaction necessary to foster valuable relationships and result in a strong client loyalty.

4. RELEASE YOUR FRESH SIDE! Enjoy your family, guests and memorable events with a celebration. The best events are those that you feel stress free, we can help!

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Blog World

So it is official, Aliste Events is now part of the infamous blog world. Bare with me as I figure out this amazing piece of social media! This is our first post so who the heck are we and why should you care?
My name is Alicia Lauren, entrepreneur and proud business owner. I began building my own event planning business two years ago and have not stopped since. It is has been the most exciting years filled with amazing people, new networks and of course loads of creativity that wakes you in the middle of the night. My business is called Aliste Events, pronounced A-LEE-STAY. We are a different type of event planners than many people aren't used to. Instead of weddings we specialize in events that actually build business for individuals. Anyone can have a party, not many can pull it off to actually make money and more clients! Which brings me to answering the second question, WHY SHOULD YOU CARE WHO I AM? Well for starters I am a pretty big deal! Just kidding, but I can make your dreams a reality and we all like the sounds of that. I work with all types of business from the one man shop to the well established business's. With the economy the way that it is it no wonder that our usual tried and true marketing is just not cutting it anymore. Incorporating events into any marketing plan will bring a new perspective to strategic marketing plans and in turn bring the revenue that every individual wants to bring home!
So continue reading our posts for event insights, the real life of an entrepreneur,marketing strategies and our current projects!