Friday, September 17, 2010


We are revisiting an amazing article that I posted two blogs ago and explaining it in further detail to the average business professional!

Article states: In any marketing strategy the objective is to change consumer behavior in a way that benefits your bottom line. Event marketing is one of many tools for doing that. If planned right, event marketing can give you many of the benefits of door to door/word of mouth sales, at a fraction of the cost per exposure – and uncertainty – of these familiar standby methods. However, since it is usually a fairly expensive and little-understood venture, event marketing deserves to be explained in some depth here

Alistè states: How many hours do you spend a day working? How many on your own business vs. client projects and product manufacturing? Let's take myself as an example. I usually wake up fairly early and begin my morning with a networking event to get my business juices flowing, meet some great prospects and peers and kick start the work day! Around 9am I start answering all my many e-mails and then create my projects for the day ahead. I break my client projects into hourly chunks so that I can focus on one project at a time and not be lured to working on another. With this organization I can finish my work day satisfied with what I accomplished around 5pm leaving a half hour open for happy hour!
Now, out of that long work day from 7am to 5pm I did not personally have the time to go meet every prospect I met that week or client that I am working with to build a personal relationship. Many times that is an afterthought to the time spent on what is billable. However, including an event in your marketing plan even if it is quarterly, annually or monthly events will get your face in front your ideal audience which will lead to soooo many more billable hours!!! So think about that next time you feel that events will not work for your specific business, it can and should be on you’re To Do list!

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