Sunday, September 5, 2010


As promised here are some real examples of how events are a necessity to your business!
One of my clients owns her own Marketing company; she works with high end clientele and participates in educational seminars and conferences. Her vision was to provide an educational evening for her top clients by presenting a well known seminar on small business marketing for free. The event will not only be educational for the businesses but it will enhance her business credibility, provide the human interaction, brand awareness and continue to value the clients which in turn will show through their devotion to her services. This event was designed specifically to achieve her business goals.
However, take a spin to another individual who is an author and their event marketing strategy is very different. As an author and Paraolympian, my client co wrote a children’s interactive coloring book to provide motivation, inspiration and education that all children can be athletes. The book is not released yet so there is no community or awareness to any audience. The event concept is to host an event to launch the book, bring the children to meet the author and sell books at the event. This is where the whole methodology of Event MARKETING comes in to play. How can you just have an event without marketing it? No one knows about the book, the author or the brand? Through marketing we are able to promote who the author is to the target audience, children, parents, sports teams, schools etc, and begin building her brand so that when the event date approaches a community will be ready to charge the doors at the book signing. Developing your own event will ensure that your business reaches its goals and achieves the marketing objective.

Homework: What are your marketing objectives?!?

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