Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I am going to ask everyone a no brainer question, ready?!?!?
If I asked you what would be your ideal audience, where would you like to meet them and what main point would you talk to them about?!?!

This should be on the tip of your tongue if you are a true entrepreneur and business professional- always think of the ideal situation and then CREATE IT!

Events can accomplish your ideal situation. If you are a financial advisor and you would like to try a different audience- for example new mom's, wouldn't it be in your best interest to research and connect with mompreneur groups, pto groups etc. and then begin a relationship with these individuals? Of course it makes sense but do you have the time to call, connect, meet for coffee and then follow up weekly to maintain that relationship with the hundreds of new mom's that you just researched?

NO! If you have that type of time call me because I have tons of work that I can use an extra hand on! This is why incorporating events into your marketing/business plan accomplishes your goals with half the time that cold calling and 1-1's take up.

Solution: Research new mom groups and obtain an e-mail list, from the e-mail list break it into groups of 25. Each month e-mail/call 1 group and invite them to an open house that will benefit THEM not about YOU! The following month do the same for a different group and so on. See what I am trying to paint for you?!?!

Monthly Events that keep on giving!

Homework: Create your problem and brainstorm a solution- if you need teachers assistance contact me at 508-596-9081 for hourly consulting- your business could be the highlight of 2010!!!!

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