Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Follow up Follow up Follow up!
Talk with the attendees to see what they liked, disliked or would have wanted differently in order to assess what goals were met and what new goals need to be set. There are many ways to measure an event's ROI, it is part of the marketing strategy that leads to propelling your business.
For example, working with a financial advisor his main goal was to build clientele and to continue providing services to existing clients.
Sounds like every business, right? Well here is where you have to think about what you want to achieve instead of just throwing a party, you still want and need the ROI in order to make the event a marketing strategy. Sitting with my client we went through what his ideal client would be, women.
Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases including financial services, so the thought process was to host an event that targeted the exact audience, demographic and clientele that my client wanted and needed for his business. The event was designed to be a non pressured atmosphere where the women would be able to bring a friend (new prospects) and enjoy a nice evening after work. Out of the 10 women who attended the wine tasting and golf evening, my client gained 2 new clients in addition to his 5 existing clients. This one evening provided more ROI then an entire day of cold calling.

Homework: List your top two ways of following up with clients, prospects, leads etc. and why those are the best options.

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